Hello, I’m Alma Charry !
Below you will find my personal work. You can find my commercial work here. I am also the founder of Pierre Souple and the co-founder of mater pingo. A selection of my work is available on Uprise art. Finally, you can send me nice things there. Thanks for visiting ! ⤵︎

Incorrect memories: 11 collages and a short text about presence and memory.

Limited edition of 20. 16 pages. A5. Handwritten introduction and back cover. Hand-numbered & signed.

The notion of presence is very unclear to me. I mean, how do I know where the space I occupy ends ? Is it defined by the limits of my body ?
In that case, I am never present to anyone but myself.
Or does it end outside the room I am in ? Outside the country, outside my planet ? Where do I stop ?
Am I everywhere at the same time ?
Considering these very confusing questions, maybe it is not lying to say that I have been present in Greece.  I am not lying : I'm just not sure.
In consequence I only have quite incorrect memories of it.

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