Hello, I’m Alma Charry !
Below you will find my personal work. You can find my commercial work here. I am also the founder of Pierre Souple and the co-founder of mater pingo. A selection of my work is available on Uprise art. Finally, you can send me nice things there. Thanks for visiting ! ⤵︎

I am stuck with a strong headed poem
Keeping it inside the deep waters of a jug
It begins with reflections, shining multiples
(I know them, I know them all)
Emerging swarms of wet, tropical transparences

My headed poem harbours its own description
Keeping it in tight, stretched out flows
An open landscape, turned inside out always
Invader of its own beaches, forests and future

Now I wander through my headed poem
Keeping it from the heavy, soft air of my chinese room
I’m knotting a smooth surface, projected blue mountains
Laid flat on a screen of modern lace, cloths and boats
(I know them, I know them all)


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