Hello, I’m Alma Charry !
Below you will find my personal work. You can find my commercial work here. I am also the founder of Pierre Souple and the co-founder of mater pingo. A selection of my work is available on Uprise art. Finally, you can send me nice things there. Thanks for visiting ! ⤵︎

cahiers de joutsa

1. Absence de mer, Branches
2. Souche, Cabane, Sans titre, Amas, Route
3. Collection Joutsa 
Single copy. 3 booklets. A5. Black pencil drawing and collage on various papers. Thread binding. Signed.
Sans titre

B&W drawings

Limited edition of 8. 16 pages. 13,3x21,5 cm. Inkjet and collage on various papers. Thread binding. Hand-numbered & signed.
Être au soleil

Être au soleil
Manger dehors
Oublier de répondre à la question

10 ballpoint pen drawings
Limited edition of 5. 20 pages. A5. Photocopy. Hand-numbered & signed.

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19 pencil drawings

Limited edition of 20. 24 pages. A4. Recycled paper. Hand-numbered & signed.

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La sorcellerie capitaliste

Pencil drawings, collages and a quote from Stengers and Pignarre’s La sorcellerie capitaliste

Limited editon of 7. 12 pages. A6. Photocopy. Hand-numbered & signed.

Incorrect memories

11 collages and a short text about presence and memory.

Limited edition of 20. 16 pages. A5. Handwritten introduction and back cover. Hand-numbered & signed.