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10,7 kilomètres, Stain gallery, Palma, Mallorca (solo) text

trouver des signes là où il y en a, with Louis Niermans, Drama Galerie, Rennes, France (duo)
Persona, invited by revue Chiche, Zoème, Marseille, Frane (solo)
Collection ‘23, Uprise art gallery, New York, USA (group)

Paysages envahis par la douceur, Moulin Blanchard, Nocé, France (solo)

Faire maison, Chapelle St Lyphard, La Ferté Bernard, France (solo)

Haihatus resident’s group show, Joutsa, Finland (group)
Fumée Blanche Bon Signe, Galerie du Popup!, Paris, France (solo)
Capsule Radieuse, Piacé le Radieux, Piacé, France (group)

Ilustrative Festival, DirektorenHaus, Berlin, Germany (group)


I collect images in museums, forests, the internet, during hikes or roadtrips ; wherever I wander I will collect them like the pieces of a never-ending puzzle. They become part of the vocabulary I then use in my paintings. Sometimes they will appear as amulets hanged on the surface of the picture, like protective symbols. Sometimes I will create visible windowlike deliminations inside the painting, often abstract landscapes opening new narratives and spaces. Either way theses objects and landscapes answer a need to tell, as much to invent. It answers to a need to express my perceived reality, but also of producing it : new semi‑fictional silent stories will emerge through exploring the links and relations between the disparate elements. Inventing stories to re-tell the past or present inevitably calls to future sensibilities and understandings of my surroundings, generating a cycle. Nurturing the porosity between what is interior and what is exterior, the fluidity between reality and invention.

I am particularly drawn to the matter of my daily life and what is closest. Not as a lock-out of what is far, but as a standing point to perceive more accurately and dream more vividly. I now live close to the countryside where I grew up, which influences my practice a lot. I am rooted in rurality and magic : the magic right here, everywhere, like an envelop enhancing all things. I paint to inventory and invent new rituals and knowledges, looking at the changes of seasons, the names of flowers, the colors of the roads and crops fields, but also what archeology documentary I look at on tv or even what is on my phone.

I also create small objects in wood and metal : boxes, small furniture and amulets that all take part in my narratives.

Alma Charry

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